Tart Cherry Juice

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1 Liter (33.8 Fl. Oz.)
It's hard not to love our Tart Cherry juice! Each bottle is made with just pure cherry juice. Certified organic, non-gmo, and not from concentrate. The best you'll be able to find! It's one of our best sellers for good reason. Did you know that cherries are one of the few fruits that are a natural source of melatonin which can help regulate sleep? One of the most common reviews we get from customers is about how much of an improvement they see from drinking a glass of Tart Cherry juice before sleeping. Try it for yourself and let us know if it helps you too! Studies have also shown that drinking tart cherry juice may help with reducing muscle soreness after a workout. Smart Juice's organic Tart Cherry juice is known for its clean label. Only one ingredient on the nutrition panel...Organic Tart Cherry Juice (of course)! Build the nutrients your body needs with natural and great tasting products like this one. Tart cherries are packed with Antioxidants and are a natural source of phytonutrients and anthocyanins. Smart Juice Tart Cherry juice is not from concentrate and contains 100% juice. Don't accept anything less! No additives, no preservaties, no artificial anything. Just certified organic juice! Skip the concentrated or capsule form and grab the benefits of Tart Cherry juice straight from the source.

22 Reviews

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    From Sip to Gulp

    Posted by Captain Duke on Oct 27th 2020

    I bought some at the store just to have something different. Having a taste for food similar to the average 5-year-old I thought I would have to mix it with water or something but I took that first sip and almost finished the whole bottle in one day. This has become an instant favorite for me, and I have to ration it carefully to make it last. I don't know about all the health benefits but I get up in the morning craving it. This is a grand slam.

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    Tart Cherry Juice

    Posted by Bob Zedaker on Sep 8th 2020

    I drink this product every morning. I have tried many other cherry juices. This one is by far the best. When the product is shipped the packaging is excellent! I wish there was a way to recycle the packaging back to Smart Juice for future purchases.
    Thank you.

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    Smart Juice Tart Cherry

    Posted by Robert OBRIEN on Jul 21st 2020

    Product is very good. Packing and shipping superb!!!

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    best product

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 6th 2020

    have tried other brands, you have the best !

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    Tart Cherry Juice

    Posted by JC on Jun 18th 2020

    Arrived on time.
    Product tastes great. Recommend to all.

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    Great tasting

    Posted by Anthony parente on Jun 11th 2020

    A CB little pricey

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    Tart Cherry Juice

    Posted by R. Thomas on Apr 17th 2020

    The best tasting tart cherry juice that I have tried! I would give 5 stars to all of Smart Juice juices.

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    Organic Tart Cherry Juice

    Posted by Anne-Sojourner Wendell on Apr 16th 2020

    I started drinking tart cherry juice as part of improving my diet. Yours was not the first I tried, but, it is the best! I have sampled multiple brands: some organic, some not; some from concentrate, some not. SmartJuice has the best flavor, consistency, and aroma. Thank you

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    Tart cherry

    Posted by Robert Zedaker on Mar 23rd 2020

    Great product.